notebooks- they come in a rainbow of colors, prints, and cheeky quotes, but $19.99 for paper? come on! still, i needed some books/inserts for my fauxdori cover and i have more than a few expectations and requirements.  so this diy isn't your average store bought stationary- there's actually bonus storage for your important reciepts, photos, and sticky notes!

if your a planner adddict, chances are not only are you famlliar with the "dashboard," but it's likely your favorite addition.  this simple piece of plastic allows you to keep your favorite decorating supplies on hand without the excess bulk, but if your not devoted to a three ring binder you need to buy elsewhere.  so instead of relying on a seperate accessory, i added it directly to the notebook by stitching it in the spine.  im so happy with the improvements to my everyday notebooks because it just makes everything easier.  but dont take my word for it... you can follow my video tutorial below and try it yourself!

i mainly use these for sketching ideas, and daily planning. how do you use your notebooks?