Ok, i confess, I've held out on you guys. In my nail collection video I failed to share a small portion of my gels...Im sorry. Nonetheless, I now introduce to you the most adorable gel packagng EVER!

Bonnail is a japanese gel I stumbled across last year and to no surprise, I took the bait- shut up and take my money!  I have always been, and still am, a huge tomboy but for reasons I can not explain am still a total sucker for kawaii packaging- or any packaging for that matter. I guess it just can't be denied- it's cute, and I love good design.

So while my innate reaction was to buy every single color possible, I've successully managed to compose myself to a modest purchase of 5 pots. Yes, quite the accomplishment considering the cuteness factor. Now how I came to decide on such a random assortment of colors, I also cannot explain, but here it is. I own 210P, 514M, 411M, 309M, and 347M. And again, Im going to have to apologize because these adorbale pots are not easy to come by. In order to purchase them internationally I had to use a forwarding service which means more moola. Is it worth it? Absolutely. 

Do you have a favorite gel polish brand you think I should try ? Or also a sucker for packaging? Tell me your favorite products!