Hands down my favorite thing to watch from my favorite vloggers have got to be Collection & Storage videos. So to finally shoot my own is pretty exciting because I just could not wait to share it with you all! But sitting here in the aftermath I must say, I've gained a new found respect and appreciation for those who do it, because man that was more than a handful. Believe it or not this video has been on my mind for months. In fact, Ive been planning it since Thanksgiving!  So finally, after 3 days of shooting and countless hours of editiing, I introduce to you my nail art collection and storage tour. 

Now when it comes to storing anythng really, I prefer the out of sight and mind method. So no matter how persuasive Pinterest and it's adorbale nail polish racks are, I knew it wouldn't be pratcical for a few reasons. The first and most important being that direct sunlight is not exactly ideal. Its really best to store polishes in a dark, cool, and dry place, so disregard the nail salon aproach, as their products are in high rotation and lead shorter lives.  Secondly I'm a bit OCD when it comes to aesthetics, so I couldnt fathom having a collection of different brands, clashing packaging, and a rainbow of colors splattered across my wall. Instead I opted for minimal impact with the Ikea Helmer, as it's small stature and white color blend in seemlessly to any office space, bedroom corner, or craft room. And on top is the Pluggis which holds all od my essentials.


In my Helmer I've allocated each of the 6 drawers a specific category. . . Nailcare, Embellishments, 3D Decorations, Gel Polish, Nail Polish, and more Nail polish. I've actually divided my nail polishes by bottle shape which is why they span over two drawers. I think this is the key to optimal organization because then everything fits together like a puzzle- an easy one. I've even lined the bottoms of the drawers with a sllp proof liner, and this keeps things from sliding around when opening. But for drawers with divided content, I use inserts, the Antonius basket inserts to be exact. As the the name implies, they're intended for another Ikea unit, but these fit just shy of perfect in the Helmer. They're just slightly too wide, which causes the sides of your drawer to bow. Still they slide in and out just fine. 


In to the third drawer; my pride and joy- my 3D nail art decorations from charms & spikes to rhinestones & pearls. Preferably I like to store my rhinestones and swarovski crystals in my 30-pc storage container as it makes seeing the variety easier than the MUJI pill cases where I store everything else. However the pill cases are still my favorite overall. The frosted plastic conceals the colors enough for the drawer to look uniform and uncluttered, but the items inside are sill recognizable upon sight. And they're connectable, so you can detach and reconnect anything you want. This makes it so much easier when I need to condense the amount of items on my work space, because filmng usually results in a giant mess. The less product I take out, the less time for clean up and that makes me very happy. 


Now unfortunately most of these rhinestones are rather old, so I've sourced as much as I can find. Many have been ebay items  purchased over the years, and I've divided them up from various nail wheels. 

1 - 3. Ebay 4 - 6. Swarovski NYC  7 - 12. Ebay 13 - 18. Ebay 19. ss10 Amethyst 20. ss8 Light Rose 21. ss8 Light Peach 22. ss10 Opal 23. ss8 Opal 24. ss6 Opal 25. ss10 Emerald 26. ss6 Olive 27. Ebay 28. ss8 Mint Opal 29. ss10 AB Clear 30. Oval Shell Black

As for the rest of my collection, there is a fair share of ebay purchases as well; I just couldn't say no to a bargain back then. But as mentioned before, I've learned to appreciate quality over quantity because what matters is performance. In the video, this is why I refer to some of my studs as "good gold" because they are a true gold color; while the other quote on quote "gold" studs appear to be muted or light yellow. Trust me, I've seen my fair share of horrible brassy orange nail decorations, I've just gotten rid of them a long time ago! So in case your curious, the usual vendors I now frequent generally include Naillabo, Wiino Shop, and for Japanese goods as this is the starting point of most nail art trends.

 Forever 21 Nail Wheel, Ebay Nail Wheel

 Mini Spike StudsGold Spikes, The Nail Room, Well Frames, Athena Rose Nail Charms, Pueen Gold Pyramid Studs, Ebay Studs

 5mm Square Hollow Frame, Cross Frames, Square Frames, Oval Frames, Circle Frames, Jumprings, & Ovals  Ebay

 Pearl Flatback Nail Wheel Ebay, Fimo Clay Fruit Nail Wheel Ebay, Strawberry Polymer Clay Cane

 Oval Turquoise Ebay, Teardrop Turquoise, Round Gemstones Ebay, Bornprettystore Amber Gemstones

2mm Colored Resin Rhinesones, 3mm Drk Blue Resin, Coloreful Microbeads Ebay, 2mm Neon Studs #1

 Pueen Silver Pyramid Studs,  Silver Triangle Studs Ebay, Dollhouse Minature Utensils, Silver Frames Ebay

 3.5 Thin Metal Triangle, 5mm Long Metal Triangle,  3mm Metal Circle, 4mm Square, 2mm Metal Square, 4mm Diamond, 5mm Square, Thin Metal Cross Ebay, Gilded Thin Metal Ebay, Thin Metal Diamond

 D I Y Nail Jewelry, DIY, Gold Frames Ebay 

1.5mm Square Studs The Nail Room, 2mm Studs The Nail Room, Triangle Studs The Nail Room, Gold Metal Seed Studs, 3mm Square Circle Frame, Square Hollow Studs

Spiral Nail Studs #9, Spiral Nail Studs #10, Diamond Cut Bar Studs, Diamond Cut Square Studs, 5mm Rectangle Studs,  7mm Rectangle Studs, 

Hexagon Studs Ebay, Resin Beads Ebay, Bar Studs Bornprettystore, Square Studs Triangle STuds, 2mm Studs

Various Rhinestones, AB Purple, AB Blue, AB Red, AB Dark Pink, 6mm Clear Pointed Back Rhinestones

AB Rhinestone Bows Ebay, Assorted Bows Ebay, DIY Earring Rhinestones, Resin Earrings, Stud Earrngs...

NLS Pearls Full White 6mm, 4mm, 3mm

My fourth drawer contains all of my gel products from polish to builder gel. As you can see, there isn't much diversity as far as brands go. Thankfully when I started experimenting with gel I invested in quality products I loved, so I pretty much stuck with them;  if you follow my videos I'm sure you already know I'm talking about Presto. Presto is a Japanese brand with a great formula and beautful colors, so I purchased almost exlusively from them until discovering Loave Nail. Now its quickly takng over my gel collection. 

First Row B6, F16, D4, C21  Second D7, E11, F3, B4 Third B12, C2, F1, D3 Fourth A1, D1, F2, C18

Loave Nail has also rebranded, so you'll notice a difference in the packaging with the newer pink jars above, and older pink pots below. So if you own the older version or are just curious, I've covered the changes in a recent video. Note: the older pots have the old color numbering system

First Row L35, L92, L38, 86 Con Amore, 147 Delizioso, 165 Vezzoso, Second L95, L91, 159 Mormoroso161 Vispamente95 Con Calore, 144 Volante

First Row Shiroppake Clear Color Gel Purple, Azaela, Peach, Kuropake 091 Salmon, Second Shiropake Neon Red, Clear Blue, Clear Color Gel Green, Kuropake 097 Majolica Green, 022 Party Pink

Also, some colors appear untrue because of their opacity and the dark colored jars. So I've made some swatches for a more accurate color, including the gel polish colors I own in bottle form.

Presto 42 Energico, Presto 159 Mormoroso, Presto 161 Vispamente, Presto Bambina OR4, Nailuv Blushing Bride, Presto 95 Con Calere, Gelish Im Brighter Than You, Presto 39 Marcato, Presto 165 Vezzoso

Now finally, after reaching the fifth drawer we start to see some actual nail polish! As I mentioned before, I've split them up by bottle shape, square in the fifth and round in the sixth. I find this to be the neatest way of organizing especially when shuffling through my collection for colors. You'll probably notice the majority are square. . . obviously I play favorites. And I think I've got quite the mix of brands, but there's still a few I'd like to try. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

Urban Outfitters Leather, White Toast, Cupcake, Love Letter, Sunshine, Smokin

Essie Demure Vixen, Chinchilly, Brooch the Subject, Minimalistic, Flawless, Mucho Dinero, Sugar Daddy

OPI Samoan Sand, Heart Throb

Essie A Crewed Interest, Haute As Hello, Tart Deco, Knockout Pout, Good as Gold, As Gold as it Gets

Ten Over Ten Delancey, Hudson

Essie Bikini So Teeny, Fresh Paint Glastonberry, Urban Outfitters Glow in the Dark Blue

Urban Outfitters Flip Flop, Bandeau, Rodeo Sweetheart, Tutu, 'Uknown'

Sonia Kashuk Smoke and Mirrors, Tauped, Purparazzi, Stop Whining, Hocus Pocus, Skin Deep, Golden Sands

Zoya Raven, Snow White, Ziv, Cho, Dea

Orly Rage, Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Earl Grey, Sally Hansem Miracle Gel Tidal Wave, Sally Hansen Copper Penny

American Apparel Hunter, Army Jacket, Meteor Shower, Neon red

China Glaze Exotic Encounters, Aquadelic, Four Leaf Clover, Peachy Keen, Desert Sun, Flip Flop Fantasy

China Glaze Luxe and Lush, Yellow Polka Dot Bikin, Japanese Koi, Summer Brights

Floss Gloss Wavepool, Con Limon, Bikini Coral, Perf

Funky Fingers Gesso, Sand & Stilettos, Fool's Gold, Khroma Fairy Dust

Fresh Paint Delicious, Fight Like a Girl, Honey Dew, Color Club Edie

Marc Jacobs Jezebel, Blue Velvet

Barry M Block Orange, Indigo

Formula X At Your Own Risk, Opposites Attract, Synapse, Astronomical, Alive, Over the Top, Supersonic, Centigrade

So in total I have 85 nail polshes. . . are shocked?! I've seen others do a lot more damage, so I think this is pretty modest, especially considering I could even stand to get rid of a few.

Though this may seem excessive to some, I really like to be practical and only consume what I'll actually use. So let's say 100 will be my max. If at any point I can no longer fit stuff into a drawer that means I cant buy more of it, simple as that. But luckily theres still plenty of room for more gel! Just kidding. . . sort of. 


Words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to interact with you guys and  share  my creativity through Youtube.  Your feedback and sweet comments really make my day, more than you'll ever probably know. So to express my gratiitude and hopefully give back some of the happiness  you give me, I want to do a giveaway! So to be entered all you have to do is fill out the form below, and be sure to check the rules before entering. The winner will recieve my entire 3D Nail Art Collection! And I've also included some hologram glitter, powders,and buillon beads. . . that's 130 decorations in total! 

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